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Please read these conditions carefully before using the website eventradas.com. By using the evenentradas.com website, you signify your agreement to be bound by these conditions. Please review our Privacy Notice which also governs your visit to evenentradas.com, to understand our practices.

To be online on this web page means that the person online takes the user name, which implies the acceptance of these General conditions which appear upon entering the web page. Therefore Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. recommends your careful reading of the terms and acceptance, and means that users that do not accept these conditions should abstain from using the web page. The use of this website is the exclusive responsibility of the user. Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. can change conditions at any moment, giving enough advanced warning.

These Conditions of use and sales are only applicable to the information placed exclusively on this website. Therefore these conditions cannot be applied to third parties.

To purchase anything on our virtual shop, you must agree that the above conditions are irrevocable. All conditions and rights will be saved and published according to the Legislation, Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L.


Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. is the name given to the company owner of eventradas.com at the following address: C/ Lima 13, Local 2, 28944. Fuenlabrada. Madrid. Legally inscribed in the Registro Mercantil of Madrid, volume 34148, paper 139, sector 1, page m-614254, inscription 1, CIF B87509584.

Contact us

You can contact Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L in the following ways:

- Phone: (+34) 910 406 480 (Mon to Fri from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00) - (+34) 625.728.991
- Email: informacion@eventradas.com

Property rights

All the information published on this web page, including the layout, photos, designs or logos is the property of Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. and therefore has the right to change or delete any of the contents that are placed on this website without further notice. The exhibition, transformation or distribution of this web page without the consent of the owner is completely prohibited. All the contents of this website are protected by author rights under present legislation. The access to this webpage does not give the right of authorship to any party.

Browsing responsibility

Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. cannot take responsability for the availability of the website, however it will do its utmost to ensure optimum operational levels. Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. takes no responsibility for the contents saved in the links. These links can offer products and services. Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. has no control over links and their contents.

The user has to be over 18 years old and have legal ability to purchase the products offered by Oferta y Gestión de Entradas S.L. and agree to the above terms and conditions.

Payment Methods:

These are the following ways to purchase products or services:

- Using a credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) through Bankia's 3D Secure Payment Gateway or PayPal. (No credit card information is handle by our systems).
- Cash on Delivery (only in Spain).
- Bank transfer.


All prices given appear using euros and have included IVA.

On certain events that have a big demand on tickets and the purchase on these tickets is not possible through the official distributer, Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L will intervene in the connection between seller and buyer, and will only receive IVA as their commission, therefore the seller will decide the IVA.

Purchase process

The user must complete all the fields of the form marked with an asterisk (*) on the data base, and agree the Conditions and Private Policy, by clicking on the I agree check box, and sign his consent or not to receive emails with promotion and commercial information.

Acknowledgment of receipt
In compliance with the Spanish law 34/2002, Services of the Society of the Information and Online shopping, Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L informs the user that there will be a record kept of the receipts of the transactions. Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L will inform the user using letters addressed to their address or telematics procurement of orders.

Shipping method, prices and delivering

The order will be sent using a delivery company or own personnel of Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L

The shipping cost will be 8€ if it is sent to an address outside the city where the event is placed, and free if the address is located in the same city of the event or the hotel where the client will be staying the day before the event takes place.

The delivering of the tickets to an address outside the city of the event will take one week and 24 hours before the events starts.

The delivering of the tickets in the city where the event is going to take place will be sent by a delivery company between one week and 24 hours before the day of the event, or in the hotel where the client is being hosted one day before the event.


All tickets that appear have a full availability. If you purchase a ticket that is no longer available, Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L will offer a better category of the ticket with no higher cost or give back 120% of the money back.
evEntradas guarantees that the tickets will be come in groups of at least two without leaving any people sitting alone. As a result, purchases of 2 or 3 tickets will always be together. For larger numbers of tickets, we will always try to ensure that the entire group sits together or as close as possible, though this cannot be guaranteed.

Refunds and returns

The company does not accept refunds or returns once the tickets have been bought except the request is placed at least 15 days before the event, in this case, a 20% charge will be applied for administrative tasks. To make changes on the category of your tickets you can contact us at informacion@eventradas.com or by telephone at: (+34) 910 406 480 (Mon to Fri from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00) - (+34) 625.728.991. These changes will depend on the availability.

Other liabilities of the user

The user has to supply all the information that is needed to purchase a product or service and to keep them up dated at all time. The client must agree on all the terms and conditions that are set above, or more particular conditions, understanding that it is for the best interest for the company Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L and the client.


Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L will persecute the breach of the conditions and terms set above, as well as the bad using of the Web Site, and take any decision to the actions that correspond to their rights.

Retention of exclusion

Therefore, Oferta y Gestión de Entradas, S.L, has the right to deny the access to this Website and the tickets offered to the users that do not follow the conditions.

Termination of contract

This contract will finish when both parts of the exchange have meet all their duties wich they have agreed on with this contract, as well as all the different purchases set above.

Invalidity and Severability

If any of these general conditions set above are considered defaulted or deleted, it won’t affect the rest of the conditions set, only the ones that correspond with that default or null.